Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Latest News

From my last appointment I was 1 day shy of getting labs so I got the labs done and got the results this week. In the beginning, I was warned that my labs may not be as accurate as the labs from a normal pregnancy because of the twin situation. There are not as many odds to check my labs with since most women concieve once child at a time vs 2. This week has been a little stressful and the added news from my labs didn't help much. I learned first that I was O- and going to have to receive a rhogam injection, which scared me at first then I learned there were several people who were O- and everything would be okay. Then, I learned that they came back positive for spina bifida. Which if you're not real certain what that is here is a definition. Spina bifida is caused by the failure of the neural tube to close during embryonic development. The neural tube is the embryonal structure that gives rise to the brain and spinal cord. This means one or both of our babies could have this. I am scheduled for a 2-D ultrasound April 18th. However good news is I get to go back on March 31st and see our little boys progress and get a closer look at their spinal cords before we go to the other u/s. Normally for the 2-D I would have to go to UAMS but thanks to the wonderful girls at Dr. Carltons office they worked me a miracle and I get to stay here. I'm hoping for the best results from the u/s but we shall see. If God wants us to have a baby or babies with this defect so be it. We'll love them anyway they are!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

15 Week Appt

Alright gonna try something new with the blog this time let me know if ya like this. You can just leave a little comment below.
Here I am at 15 Weeks at this appt we learned that we are having two boys!!
Before I got Pregnant I weighed 127 and now i'm at 131.!! Yay keeping the weight gain at a small for now. I have been feeling the little guys move around like crazy I'm just ready to feel them on the outside! When that day come i'm sure i'll be changing my mind because the will be under my ribs and all over my bladder. Dr. Appt went well this time so I hope the same for my next appt.