Friday, May 6, 2011

My Belly at 24 Weeks
Idk who's Foot
Brant's Face he doesn't like to be looked at
23 wk belly
Blain he's the rowdy one but likes to show his face

Better Late than Never...

Alright here we are May 6th. I've been to the doctor twice now since my last post. One was just for the special ultrasound on the spines and everything went well!! YAY!!! The next was a routine appt on APril 28th that went good also!! Now I am 6 months and feeling pregnant!! I have developed carpal tunnel and it's so horrible I would not even wish this on my worse enemy! I'm miserable! I have tried accupressure... didn't work, popping the neck and wrists.. didn't work... sleeping in braces.. nope nothing is going to solve this issue except pushing 2 kids out! What else is new... I got a perm bc in the mornings I can barely brush my teeth much less hold a blow dryer and a round brush for 45 mins to blow dry this mop! I have been feeling the babies move like crazy!! It's so amazing and weird... at the same time. Oh yea at my appt Dr. Carlton brought it to my attention that I had a little more of a weight gain last month so that puts me weighing in around 145... give or take a few pounds who's counting.. baha!! I have gained 20 lbs so far I dont think thats half bad.. 20 lbs in 6 months and 2 babies... At my appt we also learned the babies were weighing in at almost 1lb and 1/2 each!! WOW huh!! I go back to the doctor May 19th so we shall see how big they are! My shower is also going to be this month May 22nd! WOOHOO Bring on the GOODIES!! Thanks to my good friends I have a furnished room with 2 baby beds 1 changing table a closet and dresser full of clothes and socks and blankets! Thank God for wonderful Friends!! I love yall!! Tank is slowly adjusting to the outside world.. He likes to stay out during the day but the night time is a different story! What can I say he's scared of the dark like his momma! It's a scary world out there at night all kinds of noises!! So he's been coming in at night and right back out in the am. We were thinking about getting him a playmate for outside but are still kind of indecivive about what to get or if we should... Okay enuff about tank now back to me... Hello! So you all warned me about the rude comments I would get while growing... So heres a few just to fill you in I was walking to the Dollar Store and the lady working there said oh wow your finally showing, my response was... yup been showin for a while now... she proceeds to say your 6 months and that small wow your babies must be really unhealthy!! WHOA WTF!! My reply.... Excuse you but my babies are perfectly healthy weighing above average right now and you can keep your effin(except I spit out the real word) comments to yourself you can't say anything nice! OHHHH I was sooo mad!! I stormed in and right out of the dollar store!! I couldn't believe she said that! This was one of my moments where I should have thought before I spoke but nah no time for that! She needed to know what was on my mind since she didn't seem to care how I felt. HA! I bet she doesn't say anything else hateful to me! BAHA! Oh and I didn't send her a shower invite! Haha!! What else.. a lady comes to my clinic and says oh lets see that belly I stand up, her facial expression and words were wow........(long pause) Are those babies okay..? Your not very big.. Is everything ok..? My response was everythings fine.... with a smurk on my face! PEOPLE!!! Just because i'm not a fat ass doesn't mean i'm unhealthy!! HELLO! I have gained 20 lbs and if youve seen me lately it's all belly well an a little booty but mostly belly!! I'm gonna go off the handle and slap somebody so keep your rude comments to yourself unless you wanna know how i really feel! I wanted to say well my doctor scolded me for gaining 20 and you say i'm unhealthy.. Good thing u don't know anything about being preg with twins! UGGG!! People drive me crazy! Ok yall can just imagine some of the other comments i've received! I shall stop my blood pressure is rising! Ok well I guess you will hear from me after my next Dr. Appt.. Hope yall enjoy reading still...