Monday, April 4, 2011

19 Week Appointment

I'm a little late updating my blog! Our appointment was Thursday March 31 and today is April 4 and i'm just getting here! I apologize now to my followers/creepers. This appointment was just a regular OB appt with an ultrasound and check up with the Dr. Everything went fine at this appt. However the next appt is the stressful one! Soo whats been going on since you last read... I'm getting fatter.. a given i suppose and I weighed in at 138. That's only 11 lbs gained in 5 months not bad for carrying two babies. Brant (baby a) weighed in at 10 oz and Blain (baby b) weighed in at 9 oz. Their little femurs measured 19 wks 0 days on both babies and their bellies measured 19 wks 4 days!! HA!! We've got some fattys headed our way. I must be doing something right! That was great news. Umm.. you are probably wondering how I know who baby a and baby b are right?? Well Let me tell ya a short story... Niecy went to Panama for Spring Break and come back with Bibs!! Cute right.... Well she insisted Baby A be Brant and Baby b be Blain b/c thats what she had air brushed on the Bibs! Guess it's a good thing I didn't want them to be in alphabetical order b/c I was thinking Baby A would be Blain and Baby B would be Brant.. But guess it'll be the other way around. Umm.. what else has changed..? I have been able to feel the babies move but not as much as I thought it would be by now. I figured that they would be kicking away. All I feel now is heaviness. I can feel when they change positions and feel their little hard bodies press against my skin but thats about it. Hopefully they'll start moving soon! And then i'll be praying they take it easy on me I know! I try to jump start them sometimes by giving them Mountain "Due" as the Moores sign has it spelled! HA Makes me laugh everytime! Well I gues that's it for now I will let you all know how my appt April 18th goes!! Thanks for following us!

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