Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb 1, 2011 Dr Appointment

Hello again gotta get caught up on blogging so I can only blog when theres a change or the next dr. appt. Feb 1st we went to my 2nd appointment. Theres always going to be a room full so I guess I will list because it changes from time to time. This appt it was Me, Brandon, Brandy, and My Grandma(Ginger). Mom had the flu and Niecy started school so they couldn't attend.

This appt went much better as we got to see the babies moving around and showing their little personalities. I think I forgot to tell you last blog that we thought the babies were in the same sac which would make them identical but this month we learned there was a separation between them. I also left out that there was a 3rd sac. Now I said 3rd sac not 3rd baby!! Okay! So we got to hear the 2 heartbeats and see both move around like little fish. Baby A is a little more active than baby B. However baby B is a little thumb sucker!! Great right! I was so excited to see them this time! They have grown so much and no longer look like little blobs. The babies actually have finger, toes, arms and legs. YAY!!!

Guess what the news around town was after this appointment. We heard that Brook heard 3 heartbeats... HAHA! Right news around Newark never changes. Always gotta be gossipin about someone. Atleast it's not bad about me just the wrong count on babies...

Not much has changed with me.. Well besided my figure say goodbye Big Star jeans hello stretchy pants and stretchy band jeans! Pictures are posted on my facebook page under umm..The Cossey's in the Making. I hope you all enjoy reading my post and looking at my pictures.

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