Thursday, February 10, 2011

From the Beginning- Long Blog

Hello Everyone this is my first time to Blog so bare with me. This is going to more than likely be the longest blog b/c it's the history from then up to today I apologize the next ones won't be as long.

Today I am 12 Weeks 1 day or 3 months if you rather!! Woo Hoo!! Umm.. This has been a long 12 weeks. So obviously if your reading my blog your ready to hear my story... Alright here goes! In May of 2010 we decided it was time to have a baby! So no more monthly trips to get pills filled! We were trying to have a baby but not "trying" if it happened it happened. All is well during this time and the Cossey's took a family trip to Branson in November. It was November 25th to be exact. I come down with a horrible cold, so bad i actually went to the room and the rest of the family went out for supper and ice cream while I slept. Someone told me this is how I found out I was preg I come down with a horrible cold. So when we come home I took a pregnancy test and nothing. However the next couple of weeks got interesting. Brandon come down with a kidney stone a 4mm Stone. We scheduled him for litotripsy because he wasn't passing the stone and this was Dec. 15th. We went to the hospital that morning and he had the litho done to break the stones. We got home at about 11:30. He was in A LOT of pain! I couldn't give him any more medicine to get his pain under control. I told him let me go pee and then i'll call the Dr. Well... while I was in the bathroom I thought what the heck I'll take this pregnancy test and see what happens. IT WAS POSITIVE!!!! There was forsure blue and pink line!! So I slowly walk out of the bathroom in AWE... and Brandon is almost in tears with pain! I said "Honey, I think we are pregnant." His response, "ohhhh.... really... that's great...." I said are you not excited!! He said really excited I wish you could see my smile through this painful expression! Eventful Day! So I call to get an appt and they were scheduled way out. I had my first appointment January 5. We drew blood at my clinic to see just how far I was before my appointment. It showed my levels to be really high and around 3 months.

Now it's January 5th and i'm more nervous than ever!! I wasn't nervous until we got into the waiting room at Dr. Carltons Office!!!! I was sweating and just knew something was not right about this situation. Amanda who does the u/s pulled us back. Us I mean Me, Brandon, My Mom(Shannon), Mother in law(Brandy), and Sister in Law(Niecy). A room full I know. Sooo... I get up on the table and Amanda asked a few questions and the u/s begins. We are looking at the screen and my mother says I think I see Polka Dots... I said hmm.. I think we are just suppose to see polka dot... Amanda at that time said well... I have some news. My thought was I've had a miscarriage and there's nothing in there. Brandons thought was we are way further along than we thought, her words were.... There's 2 in there!!!!!!! OH MY GOD! My response was do you have a trash can i'm going to vomit!!! I started crying hysterically and couldn't quit. Brandon almost passed out if it wouldn't have been for Niecy standing behind him. He had the week knees and the sweaty palms. My mom started crying just like i did!! My mother in law however was so excited she couldn't control herself. She was jumping up and down with excitement while trying to calm me down at the same time. Niecy's reaction was the same as Brandy's. Crazy I know. So they watched the little babies move and i just cried. Didn't even want to look at the screen. I was horrified! I didn't want two babies! I only wanted one. I never expected they would say 2!

So that appointment ended with much shock! The next few days were a blur but they got better. Eventually you know how towns like to start shit, I was having 3 and the shock of 2 hadn't worn off yet.

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