Thursday, February 24, 2011

Feb 24, 2011 First Bitch Fest I'm sure there's more to come

Hmm... I don't go to my next baby appointment until March 3rd Next Thursday and I absolutely cannot wait!!! For one i'm ready to see how big my babies have grown and second I hope we can see little boy or girl parts!! Maybe at 15 weeks 1 day! Ha gotta throw that day in there we will be able to tell. Sooo... This week has been pretty stressful for me! Brandon had to go to Mexico to work and should be back Saturday. Alone i've been all week and you wanna know the thought that crosses my mind every night when I lay down...? I hope no1 breaks in because I would hate to have to call my husband and tell him when he gets home he's gotta patch a hole in the wall. Speaking about someone creeping around my house the dogs were barking like crazy so I had to go out in the rain with my 243 and make sure everything was ok the last time this happened I freaked out and shot at a cat that was messing around on my deck. HA I know funny story for you cat lovers, I didn't kill it or wound it for that matter. I was aiming high for a person not an animal! Bahaa! Daddy taught me right, I guess there is Thida in my blood afterall! So back to this baby business I've been feeling them move around in the mornings and late at night when I finally get to sit still. It's so exciting and my belly is growing fast way faster than I ever imagined! This is off the subject but I just turned on my itunes and all I have to listen to is Country and I'm ready to throw my speakers! Country is so BLAH!! Leave your husband cheat with your neighbor someone killed your dog and at the end of the day you realize your life sux! At least in a rap song they sing it fast so you kind of understand the words but don't give a shit because it was fun to dance too! HA! Back on track umm.. I'm feeling really testy... but I think i've always been this way and pregnancy seems to give me an extra excuse to be a bitch... Maybe that's what it is.... Example a while back before I knew I was prego... nevermind too long of a story!! Lots of toes to step on but when did I start worryin about that. Oh yea when I learned I was having twins and was going to need friends to come to my shower!! BAHA~!~ You know that made you laugh even if it pissed you off. HA i'm laughing out loud right now. Too bad if you dont like me or if I don't like you, you either won't get an invite or you won't expect one. And prolly the people who dn't expect shouldn't be reading my blog unless they are creepers like I am on facebook! HA! Hey they had to accept and want to be my friend so technically it's not creeping it's just called checking in and keeping up. Brandon gets on to me all the time. But hey if people didn't want it to be known they shouldn't post it for the world to read. I"m really just blabbing because i'm bored, listening to country because there's nothing else to listen to, got american idol draggin on in the background and tank snoring, and wonderig when i'm going to get to talk to my Husband! It's currently 8:16 and seems like the longest day ever! Today I woke up with a head cold and its getting old real quick! Dn't worry for all you that are protective of me during pregnancy I made sure I could take tylenol cold med b4 I swallowed the pills! Well I guess that's it for now i'll actually post about the baby and not a bitch fest next week.

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  1. I enjoyed ur "bitch fest" lol It's fun to read and I like how ur keepin it real. Haha