Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Feb 13, 2011

Hello Everyone! It's so hard getting started on here. Hope everyone has enjoyed my blog so far. I have heard several people ask when you write again? So It's been a few days since my last blog and a few changes. I uploaded a new pic of the new belly so we shall watch me grow!!! Growing fast. I woke up this morning and it felt as if my belly was sticking out another foot. Ummm... Since I wrote last I have invested in me some jeggings which are now will be all I wear until I can really fit in maternity stuff. Right now it's just looks like I have a fat belly and want to wear maternity clothes. HA! So i'll stick to jeggings and cute shirts until then. No more word on 3 babies besides people teasing. Hooray! Can't wait to hear what the next rumor is I forgot what being in the spotlight felt like. BAHA!! Have a kid it's like high school all over again.. Anyone agree?

So i've been really tired lately but today I woke up with a burst of energy. Thanks to a phone call, I woke up at about 7:20 on this beautiful Sunday and started cleaning house early. I had so much energy today it was scary. So here's what I accomplished today, I bleached my fridgerator. I took all the shelves out and all the condiments in the door and bleached the trays and threw away lots of junk. 1 whole garbage bag full of crap! So now my fridge is sparkling clean or "farkley" if you ask adrian. Had to put that I think of him when I say sparkley. The smell of a good clean bleached fridge is great! So all I have in there now is cheese, milk, beer, and pickled okra! Ha! Sounds like I need to go buy some groceries. HAHA I just had to go look again because it makes me laugh how bare it is. Oh wait and water can't forget the water. That took all about 30 minutes because I was like a dope head after a good fix...HA yea i was cleaning fast! I swept my floor, however I did not mop although my floor needs it again so any volunteers... You know where I live...! **HINT HINT** Umm.. I did all the laundry and if anyone knows how I do laundry today was alot! I hate Laundry! Ne who I scrubbed the base boards, windexed the windows cleaned the blinds, bleach and vinegared my furniture from tank smell and dirt deviled (the hand one) my window seals... Pretty productive I'd say. OH yea and when brandon got home I made or asked him to rearrange the spare bedroom so I could move the computer and some other things in here to make the baby room look more like a baby room vs a room full of shit with a baby bed in the corner. HA! He wasn't happy I heard! "I work all damn day and then have to come home and work all damned night". My response, Your such a good husband Bless Your Heart! Wait till these babies get here then tell me about some work all day and come home and work all night... HA! Grouch!

So here's a baby update if your interested... Ha I have a hard time keeping on track. So baby update is I want all the fruit you can think of! fresh and room temp please. I really like plums and nectarines and fresh pineapple.

This morning I think I felt the babies moving. I had a full bladder and it was so nice in my bed so I rolled over and I swear it felt like they were having a boxing match or something. It was really neat but kind of weird at the same time. This was no butterflies.. and I thought well maybe it's gas so I waited for the fart or the burp and nothing came so I assumed that it was the babies. I can only really feel them when I'm laying on my back and have a full bladder. I've felt them twice so far. If that's really what it is. So I guess that's it and We have 19 more days till my 15 wk appt!!! Hopefully we will find out what these little babies are so I can address them properly and not with babies or them. I would begin to get a complex too. Ha! Well I guess i'm going to hit the bed early since I got an early start. Thanks Jess for a productive day! HA!

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